• Brand Strategy

    We at Fire Brands build all our creative development on a solid strategic foundation.

    Through our work in brand strategy we have learnt the importance of telling the world a meaningful brand story that acts as the soul of an organisation.

    And most importantly, we mustn't forget that it is people that drive the building of a business into a brand – and that people connect with truth and meaning.

    User Acquisition / Retention
    Messaging Strategy

  • Brand Identity

    Strong brands have a rich, meaningful and clear identity that acts as a strong signal of business strategy.

    Brand Identity must create focus for an organisation, its people and its customers alike – all of whom engage with and contribute to the creation of a brand every day.

    Our creative exploration process is rigorous. We consider all elements of the brand identity system, including logo development, typography, color palettes, iconography, photography and messaging. The systems we create are dynamic, designed to evolve with the business, service or product they represent. They are as emotional as they are visual. And they take form across the entire range of communications, from business systems to websites.

    Brand Identity
    Messaging Development
    Creative Testing
    Brand Guidelines
    Business Systems
    TradeMark Registration

  • Brand Communication

    With the graphical building blocks established, we begin to bring our client's brand to life by combining powerful visuals and effective messaging to create consistent and lasting branded experiences.

    Each moment we interact with our customers, speak with them, engage with them, we are creating an experience which reflects on our brand; the identity of who we are.

    Our approach ensures that we are able to build brands as well as extend existing brands with applied creativity and rigour.

    Our brand communications discplines run the gamut of the 21st century media channel landscape – from investor communications to communication that has a digital and social heartbeat.

    Print Collateral
    Digital Experiences
    Retail Systems
    Environmental Design